"Now I See"

Have you ever wanted to see in the dark? Sony is making that possible with their newest flagship mirrorless camera -- the SONY A7S

My mind has officially been blown. Unbelievable footage shot by UK filmmaker Philip Bloom with the A7S shows "usable" night footage resulting from ISO 40,000. If you are in the know as far as the future of photo tech then you're already aware that mirrorless cameras have made massive strides in the last two years in both the still and video department. The Sony A7S, however, has taken a massive stride forward with it's full frame 12.2MP full frame sensor and 4K footage ability. The low light performance of this camera is nothing short of extraordinary. Check the video below and you'll see what I mean! 


When you see the footage jumping from dark to light, Bloom is showing us what he can see with the naked eye, and then what the camera is seeing at ISO 40,000 and above. All I have to say is Canon and Nikon need to look seriously into their DSLR and mirrorless lineup because if they don't jump on the 4K video revolution they will be missing huge market share.