Tonight's photo came down to anticipation and some good timing. Spotty showers began shortly after I arrived home from work and continued into the late afternoon. At around 8:20PM I could hear rain pattering against the windows but could also see a bit of sun peeking through the blinds. With the sun due to set at 8:40PM this could only mean one thing!

Time to hunt some rainbows.

I grabbed my camera and flew out the door, jumped into my car drove to wherever would give me a good vantage point of the eastern sky. I ended up at the intersection of two old country roads when a beautiful 'bow began to form. I jumped out of my car and composed the scene, snapped nine frames and then the sun went behind the clouds. It stayed there for the remainder of what would have been a phenomenal sunset. All in all I had about three minutes of good light to work with and I was lucky enough to time it just right. Cheers!