New look, same vision

We've undergone some cosmetic changes! With the help of my lovely wife and graphic design superstar, Joanna Walters, as well as some great advice from my good friend Mr. Edward Jenkins of Seattle, WA., we have implemented a new look and a more user-friendly website.

Land, love and life are the three new navigation tabs that will bring you to examples of my professional work.

Land: Where my love for photography began

Night Oak

Love: Capturing the happiest moments of your life


Life: Capturing the everyday


The logo:

The story behind this logo actually started on some napkins over half-eaten bread sticks and all-you-can-eat salad at a local Olive Garden. From conceptual napkin scribbles to the final version, all along the way Joanna and I tried to keep it simple, yet easily recognizable and representative of what I am all about. The aperture ring is self explanatory and rather common in photography logos, but the treatment of the interconnected 'KW' within (and as a part of) the ring is still something I have yet to see! The black and white treatment is especially meaningful to me since I drew my first inspirations in photography from the American landscape photographer, Ansel Adams, who was famous for his work in black and white.

Thanks for checking out the new digs and reading a bit about KW Photo's fancy new makeover. Be sure to subscribe to this blog, follow us on social media and be on the lookout for a new "shop" section featuring original prints for purchase!

- KW